The Wanted

Who can honestly go out there and say 'we've done it like The Wanted did'?”

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Every member of the #TWFanmily should have this on their blog. This song is for the fans, for whenever they’re feeling down, TW will be our strength.

We know some of our fans go through hard times but remember everything gets better and we’re here for you - Jay McGuiness

Hi, to all our fans here tonight, me and Jay wrote this song for you guys. We know some of our fans go through a lot and feel really alone and lost. Sometimes leading you to do things to hurt yourselves emotionally and physically. It’s hard for us because we know we can’t help you personally, but this is to let you know we will always be here, you are worth it and it’ll get better I promise. Stay with us, thank you - Nathan Sykes


When the lights are shining that’s where you will 
                            Find me getting drunk on love 



Remember this?



Thank God my idols can take a joke.


Tonight, We Own The Night


I think Peter’s going to be the one who dies.

-Some source said that it was going to be an Alpha & last season Peter explicitly states that he “is the Alpha”
-His picture was in the montage eve though we haven’t seen a lot of him this season
-Everyone loves Peter & even the people who hate him love him
-The promo

 if you can’t hear them, you’re lying

if you can’t hear them, you’re lying

Nathan Sykes then + now

The Wanted Through The Years